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Pole Fitness Classes

So you may be asking, what actually is Pole Fitness?

This can be anything from spinning around the pole, climbing, inverting, making shapes, linking moves, transitioning on and off the pole, floorwork movement around the base, building routines and/or completing exercises. 

Pole Fitness has evolved so much over the years and is such a diverse sport that can incorporate so many different styles from empowering dance to hard core strength building. It really is for everyone!

Benefits include strength building, toning, weight loss, improved posture, balance and coordination, reduced stress & anxiety, flexibility and increased self-esteem and confidence and it really is just lots and lots of fun!

Pole Classes

Our Pole Fitness Classes are suitable to all levels from beginner to advanced. These classes continue to work on all aspects of pole blending spins, climbs, inverted shapes, transitions, and floor work. Students will be divided into their most appropriate level and work at their own pace and ability as guided by the instructor. 


Mondays -

6pm - 9pm - Private Tuition (1hr per session)


Tuesdays -

6pm - Pole Fitness (1hr10m)

7.10pm - For the Gram (Pole Shapes - 1hr) 

Wednesdays -

6pm - Pole Choreo (Heels) Class (1hr)

7pm - Pole Fitness (1hr10m)

Thursdays -

6.30pm - Pole Fitness ***SPECIAL OFFER - Bring a Friend for FREE*** (1hr10m) 


Saturdays -

10am - 12pm - Pole Practise (2hr)

Sundays -

4pm - Pole Fitness (1hr10m)

5.15pm - Spinny Pole (1hr)

Pole Fitness
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