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Pole Fitness Classes

So you may be asking, what actually is Pole Fitness?

This can be anything from spinning around the pole, climbing, inverting, making shapes, linking moves, transitioning on and off the pole, floorwork movement around the base, building routines and/or completing exercises. 

Pole Fitness has evolved so much over the years and is such a diverse sport that can incorporate so many different styles from empowering dance to hard core strength building. It really is for everyone!

Benefits include strength building, toning, weight loss, improved posture, balance and coordination, reduced stress & anxiety, flexibility and increased self-esteem and confidence and it really is just lots and lots of fun!

Pole Classes

We run classes for all levels and abilities which are divided into Beginner Pole, Intermediate/Advanced Pole and Mixed Ability Pole. Regardless of class level, everyone will always work at their own pace and within their own individual level abilities. 

Beginner Pole

Tuesdays 6-7pm

Wednesdays 7-8pm

Our beginner classes work on the fundamentals of pole fitness through learning spins, climbs, transitions, floor work and strength building for knee hooks and inverts. In these classes you will learn correct posture, technique, shoulder, and core engagement and as well as some cool and impressive beginner ‘on pole’ shapes.

Students will work towards pole inversion stage and once they have grasped the fundamentals of pole fitness and can comfortably invert/knee hook, they can move into Intermediate/Advanced Classes or continue to attend Mixed Ability Pole.


Students will be guided by instructors as to the stage they are at.


Intermediate/Advanced Pole

Mondays 6-7.10pm

Tuesdays 7.10-8.20pm 

Our Intermediate/Advanced classes are suitable to students who have a solid foundation of pole fundamentals and can comfortably invert/knee hook. These classes continue to work on all aspects of pole blending spins, climbs, upright and inverted shapes, transitions, and floor work at a higher level.

Mixed Ability Pole

Thursdays 6.30-7.30pm

Sundays 4-5.10pm

Our mixed ability classes are suitable to all levels from beginner to advanced. These classes continue to work on all aspects of pole blending spins, climbs, inverted shapes, transitions, and floor work at a higher level.


Our instructors will divide and teach students at their most appropriate level and individuals will continue to work at their own pace and ability as guided.


1 x Class Pack £10

4 x Class Pack £32

8 x Class Pack £60

Monthly Unlimited £100

Our class packages can be used for any of our weekly classes including Pole Choreography (Heels) Class, Stretch & Flex and Pole Practise sessions.

Pole Fitness

Private Tutorials

60 mins 



Private Tutorials are fantastic one-to-one sessions allowing greater focus and attention on the needs of the student.

Each session is tailored completely to the individual and students can focus on anything from learning specific moves, routine work, flexibility or strength and conditioning exercises, whatever you want! 

If you are completely new to pole fitness and don't want to try your first class in an open environment, then a private tutorial is the perfect solution. This session will be great 'pole taster' where you will learn spins, transitions and impressive beginner level 'on pole' shapes.

Please message us directly to book a Private Tutorial.

Private Tutorials.jpg
Private Tutorials
Pole Choreography Classes
Pole Choreography (Heels) Classes.jpg

Pole Choreography (Heels) Classes

Wednesdays 6-7pm 

This class is brought to you by popular demand from our students who just cannot get enough! Pole Choreography (Heels) Class is an exotic style of dance with particular focus on beautiful leg movement & control. Work those glutes, quads and lower core whilst discovering a new sense of confidence and empowerment as you move to the music and learn a choreographed routine!


This class is totally different from any of our other classes and it's a unique style that brings a totally different edge to Pole Fitness. This is a dance focused class open to ALL levels and does not require any pole experience to join.

Please note, heels are not compulsory, and you can do these classes in bare feet or trainers.

If you would like more information on this service please feel free to contact us.

Pole Practise Time

Saturdays 10-12pm

Pole Fitness is such a diverse sport with endless amounts of training content and sometimes we just can't fit it all into class time.

Pole Practise is a great opportunity for you to take some time out of structured classes and really focus on a specific goal you've been working towards. Pole Practice can be used for anything from pole fitness moves, routine work, stretching or strength building all in the comfort of a safe environment where instructors are on hand to spot if required. Being within a studio setting also gives students more accountability and motivation to push themselves with the encouragement of your instructors and pole family around you.

Pole Practise is available to all pole students, not just those attending Pole Fitness Falkirk.

These are not taught sessions so students will be responsible for their own warm up, cool down and training time. 

If you would like more information on this service please feel free to contact us.

Pole Practice Time
Flexibility Classes
Flexibility Classes.jpg

Stretch & Flex Classes

60 mins 

Saturdays 9-10am

Stretching out our bodies is so unbelievably beneficial for several reasons. Benefits include improved posture, breathing, balance and coordination, increased range of movement and agility, reduced muscle tension and risk of injury.

Focused stretching also aids relaxation and stress reduction. 

Our classes predominantly focus on building strength and flexibility in the major muscle groups worked in pole fitness such as hips, hamstrings, back & shoulders. This will aid the achievement of more advanced pole moves and assist with beautiful lines and shapes in class.

Various stretching techniques and movements such as dynamic, passive, static and PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation)  are used throughout this session.

This class is suitable for all levels, and there is no requirement to be a pole fitness student to benefit from these classes.

Birthday Parties


Approx. 3 hours 

£25pp / 6 person min.


Are you looking for a fun and exciting way to celebrate your birthday? Look no further!

We offer the unique party experience, completely bespoke to your requirements. Whether you want a pole taster session, to learn a dance routine or to break a sweat and challenge your fitness levels through completing a pole specific workout then this is the place for you.

Do something different this year-round and mark the occasion with a day you won't forget.

Please message us directly to arrange your unique birthday bash!

Birthday Classes
Hen Do's

Hen Do's

Approx. 3 hours 

£25pp / 6 person min.


Are you looking for a fun and unique Hen Do experience? Then look no further!


At Pole Fitness Falkirk we offer the ultimate Hen Do Party, pimping out the studio in Hen Do Galore and putting the bubbly on ice. We offer a unique party experience, completely tailored to your group requirements. We'll provide extra attention to the bride to be ensuring her send-off is one to remember!

Our most popular Hen Party Packages include a mini ‘pole taster’ session followed by a short choreographed routine to the brides favorite song.


Please message us directly to arrange the Ultimate Hen Do Party!

Studio Hire

Studio Hire

Prices vary depending on room requirements. Please contact us directly for more information on this.


Are you looking for a space to host your next event? Or do you need room to practise that important upcoming audition? Whatever it may be, our studio is available for hire.


We are based in Room 6 of The Therapy Workshops, 9B East Bridge Street, Falkirk. 


The Therapy Workshops is a collective of multiple small businesses specialising in mental health & wellbeing, therapy, and fitness.


The building operates a main entry/exit secure buzzer system which each business is responsible for entry/exit of their own clients.  Facilities include a shared waiting area and shares bathroom (however there are separate staff bathroom facilities also). 


Room 6 is based on the ground level of the building with no other rooms on the level therefore you’ll have peace and quiet to enjoy the space. 


Our newly refurbished studio enjoys approximately 50sq feet in size (just over 23ft width & length) with laminate flooring and a full-length wall of floor to ceiling mirrors. We also have a small seating area (approx. 14sq feet in size).


All poles are removable so the room can be used with or without these (depending on requirement of use). Please contact us if you would like to enquire about our studio space hire.

Studio Hire
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