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Meet Ingrid. 


Ingrid immediately fell in love with pole fitness after attending her first class in November 2018. She later joined the instructor team in September 2020, and she is an absolute asset to the team.


Ingrid has a fountain of wealth of knowledge and experience in the fitness industry having worked in many fitness environments across the district as a qualified gym instructor and personal trainer. This girl is so unbelievably passionate for all things health and fitness related and has a great down to earth and realistic attitude and approach to training and nutrition. Ingrid loves a good old Friends quote and now ‘PIVVVOOTT’ is a staple phrase within her classes as she helps students work those turns and twirls.   



Here’s what Ingrid has to say:


“Hi, I’m Ingrid although I prefer to be known as Ingie but will also answer to Pingu, Heidi, Helga or Agnes! I first started pole in November 2018 after I went to a taster session with a friend and I was instantly hooked – I would take a pure hissy fit if I couldn’t get booked into classes! Pole was so much more than just a fitness class to me. It was something different, something challenging and way out of my comfort zone! The studio just felt like a piece of me that was missing. Every session was fun. The studio, students and instructors were always welcoming and it gave me back a little confidence that I’d lost after becoming a mum. I have definitely made friends for life at our studio! I have to admit - when Christina initially asked me to join the instructor team and set up the teacher training - utter panic set in but I was definitely up for the challenge and I have loved every minute of it so far.  My main focus in class is ensuring students leave having a safe and effective workout, killer warm ups, with a strong emphasis on positive mental health and body confidence.”

Fun facts about Ingrid:

- No. 1 Falkirk Football Fan

- Loves animals, working out, building stuff, eating cheesecake, drinking wine and pole (obviously).

- Has a host of random qualifications such as counselling, health & social science, psychology, craft & design and cake decorating!


Favorite Pole Move:

Ayesha (or anything where she can strike a killer pose for the gram).


Nemesis Pole Move:

Will always be the Superman

Instructor - Ingrid


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