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Meet Gillian. 


Gillian is our veteran Poller having over 10 years of dedicated training under her belt. 


Gillian joined our Pole Family as a student in 2019 and she’s become an absolute staple within the studio since then. She likes to pretend she’s shy and quiet but she’s actually quite the chatter box but that’s okay because we love her chat! We were absolutely thrilled when she agreed to join our instructor team in September 2020 and we couldn’t be happier to have her on board.


Gillian may be a shortie (measuring in at 5’1) but she’s definitely not short when it comes to strength. This girl has some power behind her and is always training those big, impressive pole moves that we are all in awe of.



Here’s what Gillian has to say:


“Hi, I'm Gillian, I'm the sensible quiet one (but don't be deceived, especially when it comes to some cardio work!). 


I once went to pole to keep someone company, ‘I'll give it six weeks’ says I and 10 years later here I am. Pole is now such an integral part of my life I get withdrawal symptoms when I'm not there and I'm now on my second one at home. 


I came to Pole Fitness Falkirk (when it was known as 212) as a student several years ago and my eyes have really been opened up as to what is actually available in the poling world and what I've missed out on. With the encouragement of Christina I have stepped out of my comfort zone and being asked to become an instructor was a total ‘wow’ moment, which I'll admit was a daunting prospect for me but I couldn't be happier that I accepted the challenge. The whole team are an amazing bunch and I am extremely proud to be part of it.  Pole is a journey, not a competition or sprint and like all journeys you will get there in the end. So, achieve your own achievable and remember there's always next time. I personally want students to leave class feeling happy and accomplished, both physically and mentally with where they are as this gives me such a feel good buzz".



Fun facts about Gillian:

- Her ‘go to’ motto is – “Don't knock I until you've tried it”

- Used to be a Salsa Dancer 

- Her mission in life is to own a real Highland Cow one day


Favourite Pole Move:

Iguana (and it's variations)


Nemesis Pole Move:

Cross Ankle Release

Instructor - Gillian


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