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Meet Emerald. 


Emeralds Pole journey began on the very day we opened Pole Fitness Falkirk in January 2018 (back when we were 212 Dance & Fitness) where she took her first ever pole class and she’s never looked back since! 


Emerald is an absolute ball of enthusiasm and you’ll be guaranteed to hear her squeals before you see her! Her energy and passion for students achieving goals is infectious and you can’t help but feel uplifted after a class with her. 

Emerald will genuinely give anything a go and she’s one of those gals who always manages to effortlessly accomplish EVERY MOVE she puts her mind to (head shakes in envy by the rest of us! lol!). However, that’s not surprising as her years of experience in the gymnastics industry, training, competing and coaching has definitely put her in good stead for pole training. 


We were thrilled to have her join our instructor team in September 2020.





Here’s what Emerald has to say:

“Hi, I’m Emerald. I’m a 5ft 4 crazy mental chick who has always dreamed of pole dancing. Since I was little, I’ve always been sporty from horse riding to gymnastics where I worked my way up to a place on the Falkirk Infinity Display Team. I loved travelling around the world with the team representing Scotland and then coaching children.


As I got older, I started working (and partying) so fell away from it all however I’d always been so intrigued by pole, the sexiness of it all and the confidence it brings out. My aunty tagged me in the Facebook post for the opening of Pole Fitness Falkirk and I immediately signed up.  I’ve been hooked since and it’s definitely my favourite thing in the whole wide world! I’ve learnt so much and discovered my passion lies with dancing. I can’t believe I was able to represent the studio in a music video earlier this year. Being asked to be an instructor has been the greatest honour and teaching the most amazing bunch of girls has been incredible. Watching students with the same passion and determination I had as a student and helping them achieve their goals during their pole journey is just the best feeling and I’m so proud of them all”.



Fun facts about Emerald:

- Won the Glasgow Music Festival playing piano 

- Is addicted to cheese 

- Doesn’t like ipods or black paint 


Favourite Pole Move:

The Butterfly Flip 


Nemesis Pole Move:

The Monkey Spin

Instructor - Emerarld


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